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Legacies Health Centre has developed a comprehensive internship program for Massage Therapy students near graduation and pre-boards.  Working closely with our Health Services Manager as well as the Therapy leadership team, we provide a blended learning model by combining theory, one-on-one structured mentorship sessions and hands-on practice to bridge the gap between school and board exams. Through the program, our massage therapy interns become better prepared to take the registration examinations and get a head start on their careers!  

The program is designed to build on the Intern’s education, understanding practice in an interdisciplinary model and the practice as a business.  You will better explore and learn efficient referral sources and effective communication, financials and more.  Legacies Health Centre is the one of the very few organizations that offers this opportunity - something valuable and practical that you would not find anywhere else.

Our interns also have exclusive opportunities not found anywhere else in the industry. We include shadowing and/or hands-on opportunities with professional sports and attendance at an exclusive Board Exam Preparation Course.

If you are interested in joining our internship program, contact us with your questions and/or send your resume to schedule an interview.

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